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Royalmont Academy High School:
Preparing Tomorrow’s Innovators and Leaders

Welcome to the High School at Royalmont Academy, where we mold young minds to become future leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators. Our curriculum is tailored to instill a lifelong passion for learning, a deep relationship with Christ, and a commitment to virtue and maturity, shaping well-rounded individuals ready to excel in the modern world.

Academic Rigor and Innovation

Academic Rigor and Innovation

Our students are challenged academically through a variety of advanced courses, including AP, Honors, and Dual Credit classes. We offer an extensive range of electives such as Logic, Rhetoric, Latin, and STEM-focused subjects. Our innovative approach to education, emphasizing critical thinking and problem-solving skills, prepares students not just for college, but for a dynamic and evolving job market.

Leadership and Vocational Discovery

At Royalmont, we recognize the importance of leadership skills in today’s workforce. Courses like Dave Ramsey’s Financial Literacy and engineering provide practical knowledge and foster an entrepreneurial mindset. Our students are encouraged to explore their passions and discover their career and vocational calling in a supportive, faith-based environment.

Spiritual and Personal Development

Spiritual and Personal Development

Our school culture promotes sincere, joyful, and virtuous growth. We are proud to be a part of the Cardinal Newman Catholic Schools Honor Roll, reflecting our commitment to spiritual development. Opportunities for apostolic activities and senior pilgrimages enrich our students’ personal and spiritual journeys, preparing them to be compassionate, ethical leaders.

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