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Igniting Passion for the Arts

Igniting Passion for the Arts

At Royalmont Academy, we believe in the transformative power of the arts. Our Music and Theater Arts Program is designed to inspire and nurture our students’ talents, from PreK through 12th grade. Our program is a fusion of faith, creativity, and artistic expression, helping students to unlock their potential and build confidence.

Foundation in Elementary School

Foundation in
Elementary School

Our journey in the arts begins in the elementary school, where students engage with the basics of music including melody, rhythm, and harmony. Through hands-on experiences, our young artists sing, play instruments, and explore a world of musical genres. Their growth and learning are celebrated in numerous performance opportunities, showcasing their burgeoning talents.

Middle School: Exploring Creativity

Middle School:
Exploring Creativity

In Middle School, students delve deeper into the arts. Students enhancing their vocal abilities through choral singing and have the opportunity to participate in band as well as theater extracurricular programs.

High School: Artistic Excellence

High School:
Artistic Excellence

High School students at Royalmont Academy experience an advanced level of artistic education. Our Theatrical Arts Program encourages creativity and imagination, offering extensive opportunities for students to hone their acting and production skills. Each high school student is also required to take at least one high school level credit in art and one in music.

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