Head of School Welcome

Head of School Welcome
Head of School - Josh Ater

A Warm Welcome from the Head of
School at Royalmont Academy

Hello and welcome to Royalmont Academy! I’m Josh Ater, proud to be at the helm of this extraordinary school. Here at Royalmont, we’re not just a school; we’re a community passionately committed to our mission: bringing souls to Christ by forming Christian leaders. We achieve this by nurturing every aspect of a child’s development – spiritually, intellectually, humanly, and apostolically. Our approach is holistic, ensuring that we guide not just the minds but the hearts, souls, and wills of our students.

But our vision extends beyond the students. At Royalmont, we understand that education is a collaborative journey, involving the entire family. Embracing the Church’s teaching, we view parents as primary educators and offer various formation opportunities for families. This partnership is vital in our shared mission of shaping the next generation of Christian leaders.

Our graduates leave Royalmont not only academically accomplished but also spiritually and humanely enriched, ready to illuminate the world with their wisdom, compassion, and leadership. Each day, our families and staff collaborate to build a nurturing environment, fostering a community that embodies our love for the Church and our dedication to God’s mission.

I warmly invite you to delve deeper into the Royalmont experience. Come and witness firsthand the unique, transformative experience we offer at Royalmont Academy. Your visit could be the first step in a rewarding journey for your family and your child.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Royalmont family!

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